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Rousseau Association Panels at 2008 ASECS

Portland, Oregon
March 27-30, 2008

Friday, March 28: 9:45-11:15 “Rousseau’s Lettre à d’Alembert sur les spectacles” - I

Chair: Byron R. WELLS, Wake Forest University

1. Christopher BERTRAM, University of Bristol, “Spectators versus
Citizens: Participation and Republican Solidarity in the Letter to

2. Melanie HOLM, Rutgers University, “Virtual Experience and Virtual
Fraternity: Rousseau’s Readerly Epistemology”

3. Ourida MOSTEFAI, Boston College, “Ecriture parisienne et écriture
genevoise dans la Lettre à d’Alembert”

4. Brigitte WELTMAN-ARON, University of Florida, “Truth and
Truthfulness in the Lettre to d’Alembert”

Friday, March 28: 4:15-5:45: “Rousseau’s Lettre à d’Alembert sur les spectacles” – II

Chair: Byron R. WELLS, Wake Forest University

1. Fayçal FALAKY, New York University, “L’Utile et l’agréable in Julie:
Rereading the Lettre à d’Alembert through Rousseau’s Epistolary

2. Angela HUNTER, University of Arkansas, Little Rock, “Invito
Spectatore: The Spectator and the Will to Love in the Lettre à
d’Alembert sur les spectacles”

3. Jeffrey LEICHMAN, Yale University, “Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s
Political Esthetics : Le Paradoxe du républicain”

4. James SWENSON, Rutgers University, “The Rural Community and the
City-State: On the Sociological Basis of Modern Republicanism”

Friday, March 28: 6:00-7:00: Business Meeting of the Rousseau Association

Rousseau Association Panels at 2005 ASECS

The Discours sur l'inégalité After 250 Years

Las Vegas, Nevada

March 31-April 3, 2005

Session 1 -: Rereading the Discours

Chair: Ourida Mostefai (Boston College,

Jeremiah Alberg: "The Scandal of Origins" (State University of West Georgia, )

L. Rick Sorenson: "Who Does Rousseau Think He Is?" ( Assumption College,

Daniel Cullen: "Being a Citizen: From the Discours to the Social Contract" (Rhodes College, )

Session 2 - The Influence of the Discours

Chair: Ourida Mostefai

Julia Simon: “On the Unpopularity of the Question of Inequality” (UC Davis,

Mira Morgenstern: “Rousseau and the Culture Wars: The Question of Inequality” (Kingsborough Community College,

Wing Sze Leung: “Rousseau’s Ethics and His Theory of Nature” (University of Chicago,



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